Report an Ethical Concern

If you would like to reach out about a concern
about our current staff
please fill out the below form. 

We are currently developing our ethics committee which will be responsible for addressing ethics concerns about our staff, students, employees and certified graduates.

Until that time, submitted forms will be reviewed by at least 2 members of the Gather Well leadership team and/or board of directors. An outside ethicist will be consulted on a case by case basis. These emails will be checked regularly and we are committed to conducting reviews within a reasonable period of time. Results of ethics reviews are shared with the board on a quarterly basis, or in cases requiring immediate action, the board is informed in a timely manner and action taken. If a concern is about a board member, other board members will be convened to address necessary action.

More resources are available in the Ethics Resources section of our website.

Though we have no authority to address concerns about people outside Gather Well staff, students and graduates, we do wish to be a place of support for those that have experienced harms, hurts, or concerns. We have compiled a list of resources we hope will be of support. As we grow as an organization we aspire to be able to offer additional support mechanisms for the psychedelics community. We wish anyone who has experienced harm a great deal of healing and support.