About Us

Our Approach

We are
Gather Well

We are committed to participating in shifting collective consciousness.

We are here to facilitate the preparation and education of psychedelic guides.

We believe in a future that regards all life as precious, that strives for balance within each person, interconnectedness amongst all beings, and harmony with the earth.

Our contribution to this vision is respectful engagement with psychedelics that merges and honors the history and context of their use with emergent trauma-informed modalities with a focus on collective health and healing in its diverse manifestations.


The Gather Well vision

Our vision is to bring a prayer for a more equitable and balanced future into form; a future where individuals feel a responsibility to one another’s well being and every person has an opportunity to thrive, and to know their value and purpose within the great unfolding of life.


Our commitment to collective transformation

Psychedelic work is a potent catalyst of change requiring deep respect and reverence.

Our commitments reflect our dedication to prioritizing client safety so that healing and growth can occur with an emphasis on the need for widespread societal transformation. Join us as we strive to remain emergent to the ever-changing landscape of this field, while staying true to our values and commitments.

Our community

As stewards of the change we wish to see in the world, we know that we are not meant to do this work alone but instead, collectively and in a way that integrates a diversity of perspectives towards a shared vision. We are a passionate group of staff, Board of Directors, Advisors, and program faculty.

Our ownership model

We lead with our values and the wisdom inherent in psychedelics by engaging in creative options of ownership and governance. Our alternative-ownership model allows us to remain vision-driven.