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About Us

We are
Gather Well Psychedelics

Our vision is to bring a specific prayer into being; a prayer for a future where all life is regarded as precious, where everyone has access to healing, where there is balance within each person, interconnectedness amongst all beings, and harmony with the earth. We believe that psychedelic healing modalities, held in an attuned, ethical and culturally sensitive way, have much to contribute to the wide scale healing and growth this world needs.

Our training programs place an emphasis on community wellness with awareness of systemic, cultural forces at play in our lives. We seek to teach and embody a sense of belonging; to ourselves, to each other, to our families, our communities, and with the living Earth. Through cultivating the artistry of guiding, we seek to foster one’s unique gifts and grow those gifts over time through an engaged apprenticeship model. 

We recognize the essential goodness that resides within each individual. Likewise, it is a priority at Gather Well to acknowledge the shadow and the role that unconscious parts of ourselves have in impacting one another and the larger systems that govern our lives. We are committed to emergence itself, to being nimble in the face of change. The birthing of a new paradigm is already upon us. Just as much is dying, much is being born. We strive to be of service to this birthing with humility and integrity.

Our approach

We are in favor of more inclusive practices with psychedelics that do not ascribe solely to a psychotherapeutic framework or psychologized lens of self, other and the collective. Here at Gather Well we synthesize trauma informed counseling frameworks and ceremonial practices, approaching these practices with reverence and a goal toward healing, balance, and wholeness.

This model is:

  • Somatically informed, meaning it draws on the wisdom of the body.
  • Trauma-informed, meaning practitioners learn the complex ways trauma is experienced, held in the body, and can impact the life of an individual and of culture. 
  • Community informed, because we are all interconnected. Community health and well being is inextricably linked to individual health and well-being. 
  • Non-dogmatic, spiritually informed, meaning these practices are free from particular religious affiliations while remaining deeply rooted in Spirit, reverence and reciprocity. 
  • Context and culturally informed- Within this frame, we view addiction, mental illness and other “pathologies” as symptoms of imbalance within people but also within the culture that they exist in. Thus, we seek to bring an individual back into balance in all aspects of their lives, while also maintaining a cultural context, and believe in a collective responsibility to change culture to relieve suffering for the individual, rather than relying on the individuals most suffering to change the culture.

Ultimately, holistic approaches are not new ideas, but rather reflect and draw upon indigenous wisdom traditions that perceive the human as an integral thread in an interrelated web of nature, and greater contexts of existence.

How we approach our programs

We believe that in this current moment in time, in our contemporary Western culture, with our range of societal challenges – racial injustice, gender inequity, wealth disparity, political divisiveness, rampant addictions, rising mental health challenges, the climate crisis, and rampant spiritual disconnection – a particular shift in consciousness is called for. We believe that many of these are symptoms of a lost connection to each other, to the earth, and to a larger context of existence. We are designing programs that cultivate a restoration of this awareness, a set of requirements that we see as important for facilitating powerful and dynamic experiences with psychedelics, and we are providing the opportunities for practice and oversight. 

Our programs are crafted
based on these core principles:

  • Focus on quality rather than quantity of trained guides
  • Offering and training in a group oriented framework that focuses primarily on collective transformation rather than individualized therapy
  • Flexible training timeframes to respect and ensure adequate personal inquiry into the path of being a guide and proper development for safe and skilled guiding
  • Conducting a prerequisite experiential program focused on cultural, social, and ecological systems awareness and one’s personal capacity to be in an aware, awake, and engaged relationship with the imbalance within these systems. 
  • Apprenticeship heavy training program versus a predominantly curricular, theoretical training
  • Cultivation of the creativity and personhood of the guide, supporting the particular ways they are moved by and resonant with spirit and being of service.
  • Guidance, care and support at all levels of programs. Requiring considerable skill development and supervision for apprentices and guides. 
  • Programs held within an accountable and rigorous organizational ethics infrastructure